Multiple and Recurring Lipomas

Lipomas are benign, soft tissue tumors. They consist mostly of fat cells contained in a thin, fibrous shell. They are generally small, not exceeding more than an inch and a half in length, although they can grow to larger sizes. They are generally located directly beneath the skin, making them visible without the use of x-rays or other imaging services.

Plenty of patients only develop a single lipoma, which can be removed without further recurrence. Unfortunately, many patients develop multiple lipomas, sometimes even exceeding a hundred. This can be very frustrating to a patient. In addition to multiple lipomas, patients may experience lipomas that come back after they have been removed. These recurring lipomas can be equally frustrating.

Through its many years of lipoma treatment, the Lipoma Center Los Angeles has handled hundreds of patients dealing with multiple or recurring lipomas. We understand they may be alarming, but you are not the only person to experience them. For any questions or to set an appointment, please call our office today.

Is it common to have recurring lipomas?

Recurring lipomas commonly occur in people with the usual risk factors for lipomas. In fact, the majority of patients experience a recurrence of lipomas. Even when lipomas recur, they are still highly treatable. When you come into the Lipoma Center Los Angeles, we will answer all of your concerns and questions and ensure your treatment is proper and effective. For patients with recurring lipomas, there is no better destination.

Are recurring or multiple lipomas dangerous?

Recurring or multiple lipomas are not dangerous. They have the same characteristics of any other lipoma—they are completely benign growths consisting mainly of fat. While they are harmless, they may still require treatment if they are causing trouble.

We can help

The Lipoma Center Los Angeles is a team that is eager to help you find relief from lipomas. Whether you have a single lipoma or they are recurring, we can give you the guidance you need, as well as the necessary and effective treatment. If you are experiencing multiple or recurring lipomas, call us today and we will be happy to help.